Case Studies



Electric Wing Tip Propulsion

The unmanned test platform „e-Genius-Mod” has taken off for the first time with a purely electrically operated Wing Tip Propulsion System. The aircraft was equipped with the Vectoflow VectoDAQ Air Data System.
[Photo: IFB]


Small probe, big effect

We want to show you our interesting casy study with 3D MicroPrint about how Micro Laser Sintering makes tailormade flow measurement technology possible.


Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace

Are you interested in Aerospace? Then you would love our case study with EOS about Additive Manufacturing of probes for measuring flow speed and temperature in turbine engines. 


Specialized engine probe in cooperation

The Institute for Automotive Technology (Institut für Fahrzeugtechnik) at TH Nuremberg is pushing the frontiers of large diesel engine technology and has commissioned a set of specialized probes from Vectoflow to help understand engine intake and exhaust flows. Using 3D printing technology and high temperature materials, Vectoflow is building single piece, flange-adapted, bolt-on parts which include Kiel probes incorporated into the structure. This allows for a measurement much closer to the engine head than conventional methods. Water cooling channels in the flange design allow for delicate, but highly sensitive sensors to be used in an otherwise harsh environment. These probes will help the researchers better understand engine flows and dynamics and allow for improvement in predictive capabilities.

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