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Integrated measurement technology for high temperature requirements


Innovative and superior technology through miniaturization and integration


Ultra lightweight probes for maximum efficiency

Wind power

Thanks to the special robustness of our probes, Vectoflow products are particularly suitable for wind power applications.


Real-time Air Data for Flight Testing

Flow measurement technology from Vectoflow

Vectoflow produces standardized and customized flow measurement technology for every application! Multi-hole probes and systems from Vectoflow reliably measure static and total pressure, velocity and angle of attack of a flow.

In terms of shape, size and material, they are perfectly adapted to the respective field of application in motor sports, aviation, turbomachinery development and research. The innovative manufacturing process greatly increases robustness, making our probes suitable for use in harsh environments.

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Wind power



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Our additive manufacturing allows us to produce almost any geometry. And made of titanium, Inconel, stainless steel, plastic and so on.


All our probes are manufactured as a one-piece design. This makes them durable and robust even in harsh environments.

Plug & Play

Each of our multi-hole probes can be integrated into your existing system. Connection and port can be customized according to customer requirements.


With our multi-hole probes, fluid flows can be determined easily and accurately. Vectoflow probes differ from existing probes by their one-piece manufacturing. In this way, the probes are significantly more robust, easier to clean and reduce maintenance requirements. Due to the special manufacturing process, the shape and material can be freely selected and flow-optimized to the respective place of use.


Vectoflow offers complete solutions, these consist of flow probes, rakes, probe calibration, traverses, hardware for pressure and temperature measurement, and measurement and control software (VectoVis Pro). We take care of the interface integration as well as any necessary security analyses.


A function library forms the core of the evaluation software. This can be integrated into any code and calculates the velocity vector as well as the static and total pressure. For a high degree of user-friendliness, graphical evaluation software and data preparation will soon be available as a software package.


Professional calibration of aerodynamic measurement technology is essential for reliable operation. It defines the relationship between the applied pressures and the sought velocity vector. The flow probes are calibrated in our wind tunnel to the required velocity ranges.

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