The VectoDAQ Air Data Computer together with flow probes from Vectoflow forms a compact and lightweight system for measuring flow variables in mobile applications.

The VectoDAQ Air Data Computer simultaneously measures pressure and temperature signals from a multi-hole probe and evaluates the data in real time to obtain flow variables such as angle of attack, airspeed and altitude.
The device has up to 14 differential pressure channels and an absolute pressure port that also serves as a reference for the differential pressure sensors. Each pressure channel can be customized individually according to customer requirements.
The data can be transmitted via USB or CAN interface. The transmission rate can be set in the range between 1 and 50 Hz.
In combination with the flow probes from Vectoflow, the user has a lightweight and compact complete system for mobile measurement of flow quantities, which can be used on flying objects, on the road, but also for stationary measurement tasks.
The probes available for the instrument range from a Prandtl probe, to a 5-hole probe, to a 14-hole probe.

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